Thursday, January 14, 2010

Table for One, Please...

Remember when I urged all of you mamas to break into spontaneous conversation about parenthood with any fellow mama you might bump into?

I did that today. With Mr. Wright out of town and the kidlings safely deposited in institutions of glorious education, I slipped into a new-ish Pan Asian restaurant for lunch. Alone.

I actually rather enjoy dining alone, once I get past the hostess who, invariably, says, "Just one?" I often answer - in song, "Not JUST one... I'm ONE! SINGULAR SENSATION! Every little move I make!" It tends to be an embarrassing spectacle for everyone involved, except, of course, me.

Anyway, the staff at the restaurant actually had to pull a larger table apart to make a small table for lonely little me. About five minutes after I was seated, a waiter approached and said, "I'm bringing you some neighbors. You don't mind?" I was so engrossed in my book, I barely noticed as he pulled the adjacent table a little further away, putting a bit more distance between my table and its separated twin.

Guess who sat down? Two ladies! Two MAMA-ladies! They asked what I was having, and ordered the same thing. We talked about kids' sports, about adoption, about mama stuff. We all finished at about the same time, and I was pleasantly surprised when one of the mamas wrote down her name and email address, and asked me to keep in touch. She said, "Isn't it great when you go in for lunch, and come out with a new friend?"

Amen, Sister.

Thank you, Pan-Asian-Lunch-Place-Mamas... You made my day!

Have you met someone who made you smile recently? Tell me about it!

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  1. As Rosie O'Donnell once sai, "life is a song que." I'm glad you are living up to it ;)
    I was in a coffee shop a few days ago. It was 22 degrees outside, and there was a man that looked like a vagrant in the coffee shop. I hit him up about the cold and he told me he lived outside and practiced yoga in the woods all day long. He was only in for a cup of tea. We had a wonderful chat on perspective and society. It goes to show how a simple act, saying "how are you?" to someone new, can open the doors to community.
    Well done, my friend!

  2. RiotMama, the danger for mamas like us is that we can be - and often are - FREAK MAGNETS.

    Ain't it a hoot?

  3. I struck up a conversation the other day with an adorable Mother and Daughter who were digging in to two giant piles of chocolate french cake at the local fancy coffee and food place. They were giggling and speaking in accents. Turns out they were Julie and Julia addicts, had watched the movie 12 times, and were practicing their french accents!


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