Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If My Book's Gonna be the Next Bestseller, I'm Gonna Need Your Help

Signing books at Edmonds Winery. I'd like to sign a lot more, too... you can help!
As I've learned recently, writing the book is just the first part.

After that, there's the marketing - and it's a full-time job.

It's not enough that I agonized over each and every word contained within the precious bound pages of my tome - now I have to beg people to buy it. The good news, my devoted readers, is that you can help!

My inbox today contained a link to a very useful blog post by author Eileen Flanagan, titled, "If You Love a Writer." And, well, you love me, right? RIGHT?

So, these are some of the ways you can help me to get the word out about my book (I'm going to hit on the high points of Eileen's post):

  1. Buy the book, and buy often. If you haven't bought your copy of Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House yet, please take the leap and do so, here. If you're already the proud owner of your very own copy, buy a copy for each of your friends and family members.
  2. Ask your library to carry the book. This is something you can do to help me gain exposure and boost sales - and it's absolutely FREE.
  3. Buy local! I'm a huge proponent of feeding local economies (but you know that, right?), so I always recommend that folks order through their local independent bookseller, via IndieBound. You can connect to a local indie bookstore to order my book here.
  4. Do a review! If you've read Everything I Need to Know About Motherhood I Learned from Animal House and loved it, please review it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, GoodReads, or all of the above. Reviews help to boost my "cred" as an author, and help others to realize they must read the book.
  5. Blog it, Tweet it, Facebook it. Mention the book on your blog, and link to it, or embed the video book trailer on your blog. Or interview me for your blog, so I can talk about it. Send out a tweet with a link to the book's page, or post the link on your Facebook profile. The more mentions out there, the more the word spreads! Blogging and social media not your bag? That's cool... you can send an email to all your friends, instead, telling them your friend just published a book and would love some support.
  6. Book me... and my book. If you own a bookstore, coffeehouse or winery (or are good friends with someone who does), consider booking me for a reading and book signing. I promise to make people laugh! I'm also available to speak to your writers' group, book club, mommy group or girls' night out posse.
  7. By all means... Yes, if you know Oprah, send her my book, along with my telephone number.
  8. Don't forget to pray! Pray that the Lord will allow me to use the talent He blessed me with to be a shining example of His glory. Of course, I won't tell if you pray that I get on Oprah, too.

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