Monday, November 2, 2009

The Gonzo Mama: An Affront to Women?

"To tame incendiary bombs
it takes a lot of sand.
You'll find it pays to always have
a good supply on hand."

I'm so pleased. I've received more hate mail. The strange thing is, over the last year, I've only received two pieces of hate mail regarding my column, and they both come from the illustrious Judy Brezina of Carlton, Washington.

Does no one else hate me?

Here's her latest, written in response to my column, It's October. Let's Talk About Breasts!:

Gonzo Mama an affront to women

Dear Editor,

Before I begin, may I ask you a question? Do you even read what is written for your paper much less edit it?

With that in your mind lets walk through this.

Ms. Wright cheerfully informs us that her breasts are fine enough to get instant attention at bars, lusty comments from her husband and a get home free pass from cops. Oh yeah, she briefly mentions suckling in there somewhere in passing. To objectify your breasts defeats in one fell swoop what women have been fighting for the past century.

She then dissolves into tears, and stays there, upon finding something amiss with the before mentioned mighty fine breasts. I ask, how can you teach your children to be strong and think through a process if you collapse at the mere thought of disease? For Pete’s sake, in the future, get a grip.

But the corker was at the end of the article (and I use this term for that written piece very, very loosely). When given the choice of giving up coffee, Oh gasp, she blithely bids the doctor “to cut them off.”

With absolutely no regard to the millions of women who have had to endure the pain and suffering of losing their breasts to cancer, she manages to trivialize and insult them all in one breath.

Great going there Bozo, Gonzo, whatever, its one in the same.

Judy Brezina

What do you think, readers? Is The Gonzo Mama an affront to women? Do you think The Gonzo Mama has let her fellow women down by not being a shining beacon of strength and the poster girl (I mean, woman) for women's rights?

Please send an email to my editor, Les Bowen, and tell him what you think!

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