Friday, June 19, 2009

My First VGNO!

My readers have some of the greatest blogs in the blogosphere, in my opinion. I'm always on the lookout for more quality reads for my crowded Google Reader, though, and I've discovered a sure-fire way to connect with more talented bloggers.

I'm attending my first Virtual Girls' Night Out!


The super-cool author of Ann Again... and Again hosts the Virtual Girls' Night Out every Friday. Just go to the VGNO post, click on the Mr. Linky to sign up, and start the blog-hopping and commenting goodness!

I've added so many new blogs to my Reader that I may have to hire a driver, a nanny and a chef to free up my time to read them all, but I'm loving every minute!



  1. Welcome aboard. We have alot of fun at VGNO.

  2. Welcome to the best little virtual party thrown on a Friday Night..VGNO!

    I love to party with these terrific bloggers, glad you have found the party!!

    Jan :)

  3. Welcome to VGNO! Stopping by early Sat morning after falling asleep too early Fri night!

  4. Welcome to your first VGNO! :) So glad you decided to join in! :)

    Stopping by 'the morning after' with breakfast and a virtual hangover remedy in case you need it... ;)

  5. I just joined VGNO about a month ago too, it is a lot of fun.

    I was also just reading your post above. That is very inspiring about your bone marrow donation. I'm glad your brother is doing well.

    Thanks for stopping by mine. Have a great weekend.

  6. P.S. I just noticed you were following my blog - Thanks.

    I'm following yours now too.

  7. Thanks for subscribing!! I'm proud to be one of the many blogs you enjoy reading!! Glad you enjoyed your first VGNO!!

  8. Love your blog and can't wait to get to know you through the Friday Girls Night Out! This was my fist week playing along - fun! I'm addicted to all the memes! I'm thinking I might have to leave my job and become a stay at home blogger - er, I mean mother ;-)

  9. Hi! Very nice to "meet" you, I hope you had a fun belated VGNO =) I am running a bit behind myself!


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