Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy Got Lei'd on Father's Day...

...and boy, was he surprised!
The kids made candy leis and "sodas" for Mr. Wright at church for Father's Day. How cute are those?! The leis are mini candies, wrapped in plastic wrap and strung together with ribbon. The sodas are malt glasses, filled with unwrapped chocolates for the "soda" and topped with mini marshmallows and gummy candies for the "whipped cream and sprinkles."

After church, we headed over to my parents' house to wish my dad a happy Father's Day.

Can I insert a plug about step-families here? Can I just say that being a step-parent is infinitely harder than being a biological parent? Anyone who takes on the job is equal parts crazy and wonderful, and I am so grateful for my dad. He did, after all, raise me from a little hellion into a pretty well-adjusted woman after he married my mom.

That's Pepper, The Dude, Snugglebug, Grandpa, GirlWonder, Curlytop and Bandit (the little blurry blurb of action that Curlytop is pushing away). It's tough to get a photo with a ton of kids and two dogs running around.

"The toys at Grandpa's house make noise! Why don't we have toys at home that make noise?!"

"Grandma and Grandpa have a garden. We don't have a garden because Mommy kills plants. She's a vegan, you know... it's savage, seeing her brutally chop up a carrot! Oh, the horror!"
"We helped Grandma harvest her strawberries!"

My mom fed us (because she's amazing) and we piled the kids into the car when the whining started (because we love my parents, and want them to ask us to come back).

During the 45-minute drive home, I called my bio father, who lives three hours away. He was heading out to have dinner with my sister and her in-laws, but said he'd call me when he got back.

This morning, I looked at my missed calls. He called at 8:59 p.m. We were all already zonked out. What a busy day! I'll be giving him a very happy day-after-Father's-Day call today.

Hope your Father's Day was equally busy, and equally blessed!

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  1. Comment transferred from Kris, on Facebook:

    "You guys are so awesome... we should all be so lucky!"


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