Thursday, June 18, 2009

File This Under "Insanity Defense"

I make no excuses for being a stickler for good and proper use of the English language.

I like to think I am pretty tolerant of strangers using words improperly or using "non-words" in what they think is an intelligent way, but hearing those close to me do the same is like driving four-inch nails into my skull.

Yesterday, someone close to me said, "irregardless." Can I just say that that "word," more than most, irritates me to no end? It's actually defined as NONSTANDARD. That is, not a proper word.

Someday, someone will be earnestly trying to make a point and spew, "...irregardless of the fact..." and I will go on an intercontinental grammar mercy killing spree.

I groused about the "irregardless" nonsense on Facebook, and found that my friends have similar peeves:

  • People mispronouncing "superfluous"
  • "Supposably" instead of "supposedly"
  • "Freshly squozen orange juice"
  • "Fusstrated" or "flustrated" instead of "frustrated"
  • "Taunt" instead of "taut"
  • "Bedroom suit" instead of "suite"
  • "Window seal" instead of "sill" (okay, that one is mine)
  • "Valentimes" instead of "Valentine's"
What's going to drive you to copping an insanity plea, grammatically speaking?

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  1. Warshington instead of Washington...

  2. My peeve is this one:

    "Tag your it!" - If I had an "it" I wouldn't tag it.

    "Your pregnant, so go ahead and eat it." - I would never eat anything that's pregnant, especially if it was mine.

    "Your famous!" - How did the Enquirer get a picture of my "what"!

  3. Well, I have been experiencing a plethora of grammar rape. After heading to the grocery store or the 'washeteria' (the laundromat down here)my internal word check assumes the fetal position within the womb like crannies of my head and gently rocks while humming. Allow me to illustriate:

    Using the word illustriate instead of illuminate
    Prolly- nuff said
    People saying lol

    There are a number of things I hear folks say down here, subtitles provided.

    "bucuz I'd axt huh last night"
    -because I had asked her last night.

    "why fo' you do dat?"
    -why did you do that?

    "cumon man, ju gatcha hepla brutha out, lemme sleep witcho' wife!"
    -umm, okay, I'll refrain from subtitles here.
    There are so many more, but I'll keep this PG. But I can definitely commiserate. My condolences.
    Great one CM!

  4. For sure I will lost it if I EVER hear George Bush or anyone say Nucular.

    It is Nuclear. Please. Kill me now.

  5. My grammar peeves? Like you, "supposably" drives me batty. Tonight at dinner, the divine Miss Sam and I were discussing "nu-kyu-ler jew-le-ry at the li-bary". ARGH! Phonetics, people - sound it out! Other bothers include "bolth" instead of "both" and "prolly" instead of "probably". Hmph.

    --Sister Grammar Snob :)

  6. OK, I'm in southwestern PA and we have some the worst grammar ever. We say things like "yunz" and “Up-air n'at" (translated- up there and that). I know I probably make mistakes I'm not even aware of because it's all I've ever heard (no excuse...I know) but I'd have to say "supposably" really drives me nuts!

  7. It's so comforting to know I'm not alone!

  8. LOL about the mispronunciations My pet peeve is nuCUlar. It's nuCLEar. Aaaaargh!
    I didn't find a follow button so I put you straight into my Blogger dashboard. Following has commenced.
    I like your blog already. Lots of snappy, sassy posts. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. I'm a stickler as well and I'm always given a hard time about it.

    Stopping by for VGNO! Hope you have a great weekend.

  10. Opus: You know, my subscribe buttons are kinda far down on the side... I'll need to move them up. Thanks for pointing that out, and for stopping by!


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