Monday, June 29, 2009

Bad Gratitude Monday (Blushing Bride)

Look... I had long hair once. That's me, June 30, 2004. Any guess what I was doing that day?

This week's Bad Gratitude Monday is all about Mr. Wright, as we prepare to celebrate our five year anniversary.

Let me tell you, readers: Mr. Wright's list of talents is extensive, and I am grateful for each one of those talents. He is, in no particular order:

  • gorgeous
  • a wonderful cook (he even caters to my vegan diet!)
  • a rock-solid political strategist
  • my Sanity Management Director
  • a rockin' drummer
  • a top-notch snuggler
  • the only person on the face of the planet who FULLY "gets" my sense of humor
  • a compassionate sounding board
  • my equal when it comes to useless trivia (a huge feat, folks)
  • the guy who tirelessly plays the "random lines from Eighties movies" game with me
  • the sweetheart who picks the non-vegan Jelly Belly jelly beans out before giving me a handful
  • a bigger deal than Bob on the Enzyte commercials, if you know what I'm saying...
  • the only guy who has ever beat me at Scrabble
  • the dorkishly sweet man who carries pictures of my boobs around on his computer when he's away on business
  • my favorite travel companion
  • a phenom on the dance floor
  • the sacrificial prince who makes coffee before waking me up and drives 30 miles in the middle of the night to buy me an emergency Diet Coke
  • the attentive companion who makes sure I eat when I'm manically working on a project
  • a guy that even my girlfriends like to have around on Girls' Night because he's so darned cool
  • the wonderful father of our seven children
  • my biggest fan and cheerleader (or is that "cheer king?")
  • a saint for putting up with me
His favorite of our wedding photos:
My favorite:

That was back when we only had five kids, after all...

A friend recently asked me if I was a "trophy wife" when we wed, since I'm a newer, sleeker version than the original. "Maybe," I answered. "And I'm totally okay with that!"

What are YOU grateful for?

Wedding photos by Dean's Photography


  1. I am greateful for my hubby, my children, my health, my friends who often hold me up and for the possible chance to maybe meet my 19 y/o sister after 41 years of being an only child.

  2. From Patty, via Facebook:

    "wow! How nice to share so much of your life!"

  3. From Landee, via Facebook:

    "I love the wedding photos. So pretty."


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