Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Help Us Name Our Babies for the Adoption!

Good news! We are doing the last round of paperwork for Curlytop's and Snugglebug's adoptions!

Included in this infernal stack of paperwork is the document in which we declare the girls' new legal names. Um, yeah... So now we have to decide how we are going to spell the names we picked out for them two years ago.

Wanna help?

Of course I value your input, my dear readers. I am anxiously looking forward to finding out what you think I should name my children... Just know that if I don't like the majority answer, I reserve the right to overrule it.

We are not changing the babies' first names much; just changing the spelling for one and lengthening the other. We are giving them new middle names, though.

Just don't get all, "OMG - You're changing their names?!" on me, because let me tell you... I've had Curlytop since she was seven months old, and Snugglebug since she was five days old. I think I've earned a little creative license, okay?

It's not like I'm Angelina, completely changing a five-year-old's name. OKAY?

Also... in case you were interested (and I know you were), Annmarie (or AnnMarie) is a mashup of Mr. Wright's mama's middle name (Marie) and my mama's (Ann).

AND... Sinclair/Synclair (or Sinclaire/Synclaire) is an extension of my brother's middle name, which is Clair.

Yes, he knows it's a fat girl's name.


  1. Congratulations! What an amazing family. Even though they have been such amazing additions to your lives for so long, this final step will solidify the bond. Just holding them and saying, "you're mine forever and I'll always be yours" will make the tedium of the legalities worth every papercut. Cheers!

  2. Hooray!! This is great news. I hope all the paperwork goes smoothly...and then will you come over and help me wade through my paperwork?

  3. This must be so exciting for you!!!!
    Those sweet little faces are so cute. Enjoy them every day (as I'm sure you do).

  4. This is wonderful!! Congrats!! They're adorable!

  5. I just adore your family. I sooo want to meet you one of these days. I love the Lilliana Annmarie . . . I'm a little bit of a traditionalist and I think "y"s out of place are frou frou. But then again, I love alliteration of the "y"s in Symphony Synclair. There you go!

  6. These are beautiful names! I LOVE them so much!

  7. It's really wonderful that you're doing this.

    Happiness and blessings to your entire family!

  8. Darling Mama,
    Elaine said it perfectly. Lilliana Annmarie and Symphony Synclair. They flow beautifully visually and will make it easier for those lovely ladies when confronted by those who are spelling disabled.

  9. Congrats on being in the homestretch of the adoption process! Love the girls pics were for the most simple spellings. I think it's unfortunate when you look at a child's name and can't figure out how to pronounce it...though that doesn't really apply to the spelling you have listed.

    Congrats again!

  10. Thanks, everyone, for the input and well-wishes!

    We are so ready to be done with the legalities, and even after this round of paperwork, it will still be months until finalization.

    That being said, we are glad to be buttoning up this last part of the mess!


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