Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Gonzo Parenting Zine: Now available in GREEN.

We're all trying to be a little more green these days, and The Gonzo Mama is no exception.

When The Gonzo Mama publishes her zine, Gonzo Parenting, she works with a local printer in an effort to support her local economy and reduce the need for fossil fuels to have her zines shipped back to her.

The Gonzo Mama also encourages her hand-sale customers to be green-minded and "recycle" their zines by giving them or sending them to another parent who may enjoy them.

See, The Gonzo Mama has put some thought into this green issue.

Guess what, though... when The Gonzo Mama sends the new issue of Gonzo Parenting out to her subscribers, they go through the United States Postal Service, transported by dinosaur-guzzling vehicles to reach the beloved subscribers.

The Gonzo Mama really loves her subscribers, and is happy, happy, happy to send their new issues in the mail. You know what, though? The Gonzo Mama wants to give new readers a "green" option.

That's why she is now offering an electronic version of Gonzo Parenting, starting with the most current issue, "Public Spectacle."

This little e-gem is formatted for web viewing and is happily waiting for you to download it here.

Thanks for supporting Gonzo Parenting, and remember - shop green, shop indie and shop local!


  1. Love the green option! I try to get all my zines electronically.

  2. Because, you know, you're kinda crunchy like that, Elaine. :)


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