Thursday, June 11, 2009

But... I'm Not Dead Yet! (Oh, and We Named the Babies!)

I've been laying low lately, processing and planning. Have also been working on some freelance projects. Rest assured, dear readers - I have not forgotten you. There are, simply put, some things I just have to sort out in a forum more private than - like my own chaotic head - before I can adequately put them into words to share.

I'm working on it.

Wanna know what we named the babies?

After I posted the poll about naming the babies, I realized that the Flash polling form did not show up for those subscribed by email (What about those using a reader? Did it show up for you?). As a result, I got all manner of emails and Facebook messages, suggesting names for my darling little ones (instead of voting on a spelling of the names we'd already selected). My favorite message suggested that we name Snugglebug "Nevaeh," because it's "heaven" spelled backward, and she's such a little angel; and that we name Curlytop "Athena," because her curly hair makes her look like a Greek goddess. Thanks to each and every subscriber who took time out of her day to think of creative names for my little ones.

However, Mr. Wright and I had already selected names for the girlies - we just couldn't agree on how to spell them. So, our handy little poll was used to determine the spellings.

Votes were pretty evenly split between Lillianna AnnMarie and Lilliana Annmarie for Curlytop, so we compromised, and settled on Lilliana AnnMarie.

The spelling for Snugglebug's name, in accordance with the overwhelming majority of votes, is Symphony Sinclaire.

We got the forms filled out and everything. Now, of course, I'm second-guessing. I mean, will people not pronounce Curlytop's name "Lilli-AH-na?" Will they call her "Lilli-ANN-a" anyway?

And Snugglebug... will she be teased because her name ends in "phony?"

I don't remember it being this hard when I named Pockets. I mean, his name just sort of popped into my head in a hormone-induced epiphany, and that was that.

How did you name your kids?


  1. Hi Gonzo Mama,
    We definitely worried about naming our kids. My brother's name is Chuck, which is course rhymes with, well, you know...

    As a result, our kids' names DON'T rhyme with any curse words.

  2. While I was prego, I would drive around and then suddenly yell in the back seat as if to scold a kid and I would shout out names and see what sounded good.

    The oldest is named after my grandfather John...SHE is Johnna.

    She gets called Jo Hanna all the time instead of John na. Oh well.
    The other two were named with names I liked.

  3. A girlfriend of mine and I were sitting in our living room and having some 'spiritual' moments in naming Yaya. The next song on the radio would be her first name, "Magnolia" and then Ivy threw a book of deity names in the air,and yelled, "Universe! Provide us with the perfect middle name!" Hence Muraja, the Hindi goddess of music. Jules was named by my favorite Russian Architecture Prof.


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