Tuesday, May 26, 2009

That's My Boy! (Got the Tattoo to Prove It)

24-year-old father Eugene Ashley knows his three-year-old son is a daddy's boy. In fact, Eugene is so sure of it that he tattooed the letters "DB" (for "Daddy's Boy") on the little guy's shoulder.

Let me get this straight: Baby Boy Ashley is now going to grow up with a "Daddy's Boy" tattoo on his shoulder, presumably for the rest of his life?

The tattooing of children is nothing new. Many tribal groups have, throughout history, practiced ritual tattooing of children and adolescents. Depending on the tribe, tattoos could represent a rite of passage, an aid to help passage into the next world, family status and more.

But, seriously? "Daddy's Boy?"

Eugene, Eugene, Eugene... If you're going to brand your toddler, use a little creative juice! Here are my Top Ten Tattoos for Toddlers that are better than Eugene Ashley's:

1. If Found, Return to Grandma
2. Teletubbies Forever!

3. Ride Diaper-Free or Die
4. [A biohazard symbol... on the butt.]

5. Fussy When Wet
6. WARNING: High Speed Vomit!
7. Binkies ROCK!8. Brangelina: Adopt Me!
9. On the Scene... Like a Milk Machine!10. www.BabyTats.com

Any other suggestions?

What do you think about modern tattooing of children? Eugene Ashley has been charged with child cruelty. Is that a justified charge or not?


  1. Love your blog...so now I will have to follow it. Dammit.:)

  2. Thanks for following! I know how you feel, though... My reader had 268 unread posts yesterday. I waded through all of them, but it took HOURS!

    I'm following you, too, now... darn it.

  3. Love your list of toddler tats...especially #1. I've often thought it would be a good idea to tattoo my cell phone number on my kids in case they wander off. Oh, wait...maybe I should just watch them better in the first place.

    Seriously though...I'd never tattoo my child but is it child cruelty? What about parents who get their child's ears pierced? Some might through circumcision into the debate. I think I'm going to have to give it more thought before I judge, I guess.

  4. There are so many cultures that have used it as a form of identity. There are folks in the hills of northern Washington that tattoo their babies on the leg. Some conspiracy thing I think. We have pretty much all but evolved away from child marking. These rituals are outdated, and dangerous. But people are piercing their babies ears at six weeks old and it's totally acceptable. I think I just swung the pendulum a few times and landed back in the middle! Oh well, here are some ink ideas.

    Boob man
    I heart Yo Gabba Gabba
    My diaper is bigger than your diaper

  5. Carey, I threw the circumcision thing into the mix over on The Gonzo Mama's Facebook page... We'll see how folks respond.

    I live in a community that is truly bi-cultural, and the baby ear-piercing thing is quite common in my area, though I'd never do it.

    I suppose I understand the thoughts behind cultural ritual, but, as RiotMama said, we have evolved far past the need to mark our children, in my opinion.

    Not too long ago I saw a documentary on "breast ironing." It broke my heart to see mothers and grandmothers carrying out this form of sexual mutilation on young girls, especially since they truly believed it was in order to ensure a better future for the girl. The flattening of the breasts is believed to help prevent rape and early marriage, and for women wanting their daughters to finish school and have a good future, this terrible ritual is seen as the way to go.

  6. LOL. I like your list too! Very Funny.

  7. oh my. i think it's child cruelty. I have a tattoo and it hurt! bad. I can't imagine what it felt like to that poor child. and he had to have held him down or something.

    But your post is funny.

  8. Jessica and Brandy, thanks for stopping by!

    I've subscribed to both of your blogs in my reader. Love them!

  9. I totally agree with #1.

    (But someone tattooed their little boy? Really?)

  10. Ann... I know! I was like, WTF? when I read it.


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