Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

My family participated in Earth Hour 2009 by turning our lights off for an hour and playing cards by candlelight.

We had so much fun we now want to make it a weekly event!

Did you participate? What did you do during the lights-out hour?

The most innovative or fun idea will win a year-long subscription to Gonzo Parenting zine, so be sure to include your Twitter username or another way to contact you! Winner will be announced on April 8th!


  1. Christina-Marie informed me of the Earth Hour 2009 via Facebook. I was totally in the dark about this event, however, while watching the PBR and reading emails, I remembered at approximately 8:40 pm so I had my boys run around the house turning out the lights so we could also participate. I looked out the windows to see if our neighbors were participating as well. Now you would think that my husband, who runs around the house each itght & morning turning out the lights to save energy, except when it's time to leave the house, would be so excited that the family wanted to participate in this special hour of no power. No, not my husband, who decides this is STUPID! and goes around like a defiant little child with ODD turning on all the lights and more. He thought this was the most stupidest thing in the world to do and something that only Al Gore would have thought of. So as he runs around the house ranting a raving, I followed around turning off the lights. So to make the story a bit short, needless to say, it was a losing battle on my part, I gave in. Lights stayed on and he is just a twit! The boys went to bed and I fell asleep on the couch. What else can I say? We Tried.

  2. Here's our earth hour story:

    Pattern blocks, killing energy vampires, family dinner, a walk in the village, and measuring our power down to 0.2 KW.

  3. Sorry-forgot this: I'm EnergyCircle on twitter

  4. We had friends over for the big event. The men sat outside by a fire. The ladies and children sat around the kitchen table chatting, coloring (by candlelight) and playing with their magnet dolls. The kids had so much fun that they wouldn't let me turn the lights back on! And then they got up this morning and asked if we could do it again today. I am also participating in the Earth Hour to Earth day challenge and posting a green tip on my blog every day until Earth Day. This is going to be fun!!!

  5. Such a great a idea . . . I'm glad I learned of it through you CM. Unfortunately we had tickets to a jazz dinner . . . I don't think it counts that the bass and the sax were unplugged . . . but I think we'll do our own earth hour.

  6. my neighbors burned tires and I think I had no idea it was going on so i was probably sitting here...


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