Friday, April 3, 2009

The Dumbing Down of America

For those lucky enough to know The Gonzo Mama in real life, it comes as no surprise when she refuses to vote for a candidate whose campaign literature appears to be crafted by someone who failed to pass middle school English.

Routine, too, is the sight of her red-lining a direct mail piece and sending it back to the offensive junk mail monger with editorial notes... in his own postage-paid envelope, no less. That's right - the illiterate pile of moose droppings gets to pay for the pleasure of reading The Gonzo Mama's list of reasons why he sucks.

Call it a severe case of "grammarphilia," if you must. The fact remains that The Gonzo Mama has a very low tolerance for poorly-constructed written material and perfunctory use of the English language.

In her essay, Education Limbo: How Low Can You Go?, Mama clearly outlines why our nation's schools are to blame for this widespread and offensive epidemic.

It's the latest installment of her column over at Motherhood: From Egg to Zine (and everything in between). Check it out, and rant along!


  1. I also have a low tolerance for bad grammar. Of course, I was an English major.

  2. While I've never bothered to send a piece of grammatically corrected political campaign "literature" back to a candidate, I will NOT hesitate to do so with the kid's teachers.

    To say many have hated me with a pink and purple passion is putting it mildly.

  3. That's a good point, Jan.

    I guess I am more hesitant to do so with teachers because I have to see them, face to face, frequently.

    For politicians, if they get elected, I only see them on the Hill once or twice a year. :)


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