Friday, November 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Tiki Moon Villas, Our Laie Home Away from Home

If Oahu is in your future, Tiki Moon Villas is the place to stay. 

Nestled along the shore, and directly across the street from the Polynesian Cultural Center, Tiki Moon Villas is a private, secluded paradise.

Comprised of several small bungalows, the Villas are absolutely beautiful, and well-appointed. The hideaway is not only picturesque, but also romantic -- even if you happen to be dragging your kids along on your vacation. 

Wi-fi is available, and included in the reasonable nightly rate. The bedrooms are cozy, with plenty of storage space. The full kitchens include dishes, utensils, coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, toaster, and everything else you could possibly need. (Crock pot, anyone? We had one!)

We're leaving today for Waikiki, and I know we're going to miss the privacy of the safe, unpopulated stretch of beach right outside the door of our bungalow. The kids have swam, played in the sand, boogie-boarded and kicked around in the surf for the past few days, and done so without Mama having panic attacks over losing them on a crowded beach. 

As for me, I'll miss lounging in the hammock with Mr. Wright, hearing the roosters who hang out next door, watching the kittens who live here frolicking and trying to hide from Curlytop and Snugglebug, and listening to the soothing gurgle of the many water features on the property. 

One of the most enjoyable parts of staying in the comfort of Tiki Moon Villas has been the feeling of belonging. The owner, Ray, is a fantastic conversationalist, is friendly and open, and immediately makes you feel like a friend whose presence will be missed. 

Want to know the history of the property? Need to find a great surfing beach, tourist attraction or shopping venue? Ray is your guy, and he's ready to help.

Do yourself a favor, and make Tiki Moon Villas your next travel "home away from home." Here's the 411:

Tiki Moon Villas (I'll hot link that address when I get to a computer. My mobile app won't let me. For now, copy and paste.)
Ray: 808-371-4507,

Tell him The Gonzo Mama sent you!

Tiki Moon Villas also facilitates beautiful events, such as weddings. I can't think of a more beautiful place to "put a ring on it!"

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