Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Aloha From Oahu!

So, maybe you've noticed things have been strangely quiet here with The Gonzo Mama... I assure you, I am alive and well. Just really, really busy. Funny how "life" can get in the way of the things that really make you feel ALIVE -- like, for me, writing. 

The Gonzo clan (or, at least, most of us) are enjoying our first non-work-related vacation since 2003, when we went to Disneyland with our (then) five kiddos.

Princess is toiling away at vet school, so she didn't join us. The Dude is... Well, he's alive and kicking, but going through some challenges and living with Mr. Wright's parents (who are currently in Oahu with us). Pockets moved out for a few months, and wasn't around when we booked this trip, but things didn't work out, and he's back home, which means we don't have to pay a house sitter. Yeah!

So, Pepper, GirlWonder, Curlytop and Snugglebug are enjoying the sand and surf here on the North Shore with us. We're joined by Mr. Wright's parents, his brother, sister-in-law, and two nieces. 

That makes 12 of us, crammed into a little 3-bedroom bungalow, 200 steps from the beach. 

It's a crowded house, but complete paradise. 

I'll be updating more while we're here... I'm enjoying the downtime!

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