Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skating with the Apple City Roller Derby Girls

Photo by Hayley of Hayley's Horror Hut
So, here's a quick update on my Year of YES:

1. I jumped into the freezing waters of Lake Chelan during Winterfest 2011. Dunked my head and everything. It was raining. The beach was ankle-deep mud. It sucked. But - I did it!

2. I've been skating with the Apple City Roller Derby girls. We're currently traveling an hour-plus to the nearest roller rink, just to get used to being on wheels, because we don't have a rink in our 'hood. I don't totally suck on skates, but there are a lot of derby-specific moves and techniques I'll have to learn before taking the skills test to compete.

Did you know there's a skills test? Well, there is. And it's going to be hard, if my current skill level is any indication.

I haven't had any major wipe-outs. In fact, I haven't fallen once! Which is why, I think, I have a false sense of mastery.

Perhaps the best part of skating with the derby girls is the excuse to wear all the cute skirts I've been hoarding in my closet. (See photo.) Plus? I can totally get away with wearing leg warmers for no reason other than they're badass when paired with a short skirt.

The worst part is definitely wearing rental skates. Ugh. I changed skates four times last night before finding a pair that were moderately structurally sound, and that was before I started thinking about the potential for athlete's foot, toenail fungus and perhaps even hepatitis lurking inside the boots.

I must get my own skates. Pronto.

3. Stand-up comedy is still on my list. I'm thinking I still have about eleven months to make good on this, so I'm keeping my ears open for an open mic comedy night, but not aggressively pursuing it at this very moment. After all, I have a cookbook to write and fishnets to buy, right?

How are you all doing on your resolutions?

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  1. So what's your Derby name?
    I would say the worst part is not the rented skates - the worst part would be the bruises and broken bones. Be careful, but kick some butt.

  2. Hello great blog fun to read hey just let you know I think they spray the skates but don't quote me on it.

  3. @Joe - I don't have one yet! I'm letting my readers suggest some. Voting starts Monday, and highest vote-getter wins a copy of my book. :)

    @Hayley - I heart YOU! xoxo

    @Ness - That makes me feel a bit better, but I'll feel a LOT better when I get my skates! Ordering this week, I think!


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