Friday, August 27, 2010

20 Questions with... Tracy Bickhaus

Welcome to "20 Questions with..." I want to feature passionate, creative women who are following their dreams. If you're interested in being a 20 Questions feature, let me know, and I'll send you the questionnaire.

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Occupation: Freelance Writer
Company: Brickhouse Media
Website: Mama Brick House
Blog: Sister, Please!
Twitter: @mamabrickhouse
Pimpalicious link: Check out my flow on all my videos!

About Tracy, in two sentences:  Tracy is truly passionate about life and actively pursuing her dreams. She's a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother... but mostly, she's just crazy!

1. What it is you do, and why do you do it?

I create content for various companies [blog posts, video, pictures etc…] I also manage social media tools [Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn etc…] for them. I do this because I can get paid to follow my passion!

2. Did your passion sidle up next to you and offer to buy you a drink, or did it pimp-slap you and say, “You’re gonna work for me now, see?”

I have always had a love for writing and all things creative. The kids are getting older and I have finally started writing full-time. I am passionate about being creative and ignoring that passion is NOT an option.

3. Disney is remaking Snow White, and has cast you as the eighth dwarf. What’s your name?

Wacky! My personal FB page bio line states “I'm a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother...but mostly I'm just crazy!” I like to have fun and will opt for that any day over housework!

4. Are you more of a Jackie, or more of a Marilyn?

I’m curvy like Marilyn but classy like Jackie.

5. Peter Pan, in all his lithe nimbleness, has appeared at your window with the intent of whisking you away to someplace fab. All you need to fly is one happy thought… What comes to mind?

Spa treatments!!! Nothing gets me more excited than the thought of being pampered. Bring on the full-body exfoliation, mani/pedi, facial and deep tissue massage.

6. What makes you feel sexy?

Jeans, a t-shirt and my favorite lip gloss.

Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Original No. 502 Mentha Lip Shine - Shade: Clear - Peppermint Oil 2% - Sealed

7. If you had all the time in the world, what would you do more of?

I would enjoy more ways of being creative. I like to sew and used to make matching outfits for my girls. One Christmas I made 13 quilts to give as gifts to family members.

8. What’s the last thing you bought that later made you scream, “What was I THINKING?”

I am a clothes junkie and can never have enough cute tops to wear with my standard uniform [jeans]. Every once in a while I will love a shirt at the store and even in the dressing room and once it comes home I can’t stand it. Seldom do I take it back, because my realization doesn’t come until long after I have lost the receipt - and the will to drive back to the mall.

9. It’s 3:30 a.m. You wake up with an insane craving for what?

Anything chocolate! If that 3:30 a.m. falls in that one week a month when I am a hormonal nightmare… I will eat anything that’s not nailed down!!!!

10. What’s something you know you should do for your body, but don’t?

Bottom line---I need sleep. My husband, not so much. I try to stay up and hang with him into the wee hours of the morning and end up crashing… only to be unable to sleep in the next morning. The vicious cycle repeats itself and I end up burning out, getting sick and vowing to never stay up past 10pm [yeah, right].

11. What do you want on your tombstone?

I’m more of the "donate everything you can and burn the rest" kind of girl. But if I had a tombstone, it would read: Here lies Tracy B.,  mother of three and friend to everyone.

12. Let’s talk about your first kiss. What happened?

Let’s just say I was a late bloomer. I was the girl who was “sweet 16 and never been kissed.” My first kiss was from a guy in high school [junior year]. Honestly, it kind of grossed me out.

13. What’s one thing you’d never reveal on a first date?

My breasts! Or were you talking more figuratively? I would not discuss past boyfriends, infectious diseases or my fear of falling.

14. Who would play you in the movie of your life?

Sandra Bullock would be my first choice. She seems like a strong woman with a sense of humor.

15. What’s the one song that makes you feel like you can take on the world? You know – the one you bust out the serious moves for when no one is looking?

This song is inspirational to all of us who have a little junk in the trunk. It was a favorite of mine in college---“Baby Got Back.”

16. Fergie, Duchess of York, or Fergie, diva of Black Eyed Peas?

If we are talking living a rock-star lifestyle and getting to perform in front of thousands of people—Fergie of the BEP!

17. What real-life dream gets you so excited, it keeps you up at night?

I have written a lot of things over the years, but am most excited about a series of children’s picture books I have written. I am currently in the process of publishing them and working with an illustrator. Sometimes I get so excited, I just sit and smile!

18. If you could go back in time, what advice would you give your 12-year-old self?

Just because Joe P. said you were too fat to be his girlfriend doesn’t make it true! P.S. - He totally porked out in Jr. High

19. Welcome to Suicide Karaoke. You’ve gotta sing. Your life depends on it. What’s the song that’s going to save you?

Something to Talk About” ~Bonnie Raitt

20. You’re heading to a potluck. What’s your never-fail dish? Share the recipe!

I should have mentioned this earlier in question #7, but I used to love to cook. Now it’s a chore. When I’m asked to bring a dish I typically go to Costco and bring Artichoke dip and Stacy’s Pita chips or Tortilla Chips and Guacamole.

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