Monday, May 24, 2010

Bad Gratitude Monday: WEEDS

That's right - I said it.

I'm grateful for weeds.

Ordinarily, I try to ignore them. I tend to adopt a "live and let live" principle, and I've even been known to opine weeds are just flowers that no one wants. Unfortunately, Mr. Wright does not share my opinions.

So, this morning, I took an antihistamine and ventured out to the jungles of the flower beds.

Sometimes the Lord blesses you with abundant crops and fragrant blooms; sometimes he blesses you with weeds. I learned several lessons from the little green demons this morning:

  • From the weeds I'm sure I pulled before: Persistence.
  • From the weeds with deep, deep roots: Sometimes, getting the job done means getting my hands dirty.
  • From the weeds with sticker-y barbs: Look out for yourself, and don't surrender easily to defeat.
  • From the weeds growing among the intended ornamental grasses and shrubs: We CAN all live together.  (Of course, I was out there, ripping them up by their roots - but the lesson was still valid.) 
  • Also from the weeds growing among the intended plants: Don't be afraid to surround yourself with greatness, and consider yourself worthy of greatness in your own right.
  • From the weeds that refused to release their roots, but broke off at ground level: Don't give up! I may feel broken, but as long as my faith remains rooted in fertile soil, I can grow to be strong again.

What unexpected lesson are you grateful for today?

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