Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Another Friend, Another Book

Have I mentioned recently that I have some amazingly talented friends?

I've known Craig Boehman for thirteen years. He introduced me to some of my favorite poets and was one of my first readers for Miranda Writes. Craig has embraced the self-publishing movement, and I applaud him, especially since I can't seem to get Miranda off my computer and into your hot little hands. I can't help but do him a proper and recommend his books.

His most recent volume of poetry is a 50-page collection titled I Broke Up with My Haiku. I got to advise on the cover design! Support your local indie bookstore by ordering through Indiebound with the link below, which will direct you by ZIP code to the indie store nearest you.

I Broke Up with My Haiku

Craig's first volume isn't available through Indiebound, but it is available through Amazon. As you know, I ALWAYS recommend supporting your local economy and independent book sellers when at all possible. If Wolf Gin Sonnets becomes available through Indiebound, I will update this link.

Wolf Gin Sonnets

Also, you can check him out on Myspace for awesome spoken word and music!

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