Monday, June 15, 2009

Bad Gratitude Monday

What a wonderfully wild weekend!

Even with the heartache of Princess moving for the summer, it was great to be surrounded by loving friends and forgetting all about feeling sorry for myself for a while.

Today, I am grateful for:

1. Good friends! My talented mama-in-crime, Corbin Lewars, rented a house in my 'hood on the Columbia River, and we got to visit for a bit on Friday night and Saturday morning. I'd tried to con her into appearing on XRadio with me, but she withstood my bullying and declined, using the very valid reason of being on vacation. It was great to see Corbin and meet her sister. Check out Corbin's zine, Reality Mom... It doesn't get any better.

Saturday afternoon, I headed to Edmonds Winery in Woodinville, Washington for the birthday celebration of my Cottey College sister, Teri Balderson. Teri and I reunited after sixteen years during my recent performance of Crimes of the Heart.

Here we are at Edmonds Winery:

Left to right, that's Mr. Wright, Teri's friend (Shaun Greer), the Divine Miss Teri B herself, The Gonzo Mama, Doug and Lael (owners and winemakers). I actually stole this pic right off Shaun's SD card at the party. Oh, how I love having a netbook that fits into my purse!

Also present, but missing from the photo, was Samantha G., one of our favorite girls and best friend to Miss Teri. We adore Sam's gorgeous smile and infectious sense of humor!

We had awesome wine and good company at the winery, then headed to Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood for drinks and dancing. We landed at R Place, just in time for the Lashes Cabaret, hosted by Madame Chablis (who is a dead ringer for Eartha Kitt in latex, if you ask me). I do have some video, but it's on Mr. Wright's phone and he's at work. I'll try to fetch it later.

Driving home in the wee hours of Sunday morning was no easy feat, but we made it home by 7:30 a.m. - just in time to get ready for church! Good thing, too, because we had much to repent for after our night of debauchery.... just kidding.

After church we attended a housewarming for our friends, Doug and Mary Sandvick. Doug is the director of the Historic Downtown Chelan Association. They have two kiddos that fall close in age to a couple of our kids (we pretty well have the whole age range, right?), and are about the nicest couple you'd ever want to know. Congrats to them on their new digs!

2. Good (vegan) wine! One of the things that I love about Edmonds Winery (I swear, this is NOT a sponsored post) is that they use benzonite finings, instead of isinglass, dairy components or egg whites. That means I can drink any of their wines - even whites! - and know that they are suitable for my vegan diet.

3. Great readers! After my response to my hate mail ran in the Lake Chelan Mirror last week, I had a flood of telephone calls, emails, Facebook messages and random people stopping me in the street to say, "Nicely done!" I'll be posting said response tomorrow.

What are YOU grateful for?

Top photo by luzia pimpinella

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