Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Gonzo Mama Goes Au Natural!

Well, not exactly... but I'm feeling all sorts of natural in my spiffy new tee from ProMom Couture!

(Yes, they're real!)

Check out the cute logo, and it's so soft you can wrap a newborn in it (but who would want to, when you could be looking hot in it?). Promom sent me this shirt to review before they send one to my Hot Mama of the Month, and I put it to the test. I can report, with confidence, that this is the perfect shirt for:

Hanging out at the park,

scouting great organic coffee blends,

shopping for natural flours for homemade bread,

selecting the perfect local wine,

and last, but certainly not least...

...making out with Mr. Wright.

Congratulations to this month's Hot Mama of the Month, Christy Cuellar-Wentz, who will receive this fun tee to wear when she's not milking goats... or even when she is!

Did I mention that ProMom Couture loves the planet, and has pledged to use only water-based inks on their designs? How cool is that?

Get your natural-lovin' self over to and do a little shopping! You'll be a hot mama, and the planet will thank you!

Who knows what delicious ProMom swag next month's Hot Mama will receive? Nominate your hot self or your favorite hottie mommy today!


  1. Woo-Hoooooo! All right - this is one perfect shirt. I can hardly wait to sport my own. Gee, then we can be like the belly dancing, all natural Chelan twins ;-)
    How great would it be to share a glass of wine with you straight from a local vineyard. Keep the faith!

  2. you take some of the best "do this pose" pictures...

  3. Jenny... Mr. Wright is a fab photog, even with a crappy camera phone. :)


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