Monday, March 9, 2009

Hot Mama of the Month!

Are you a hot mommy? A MILF?

Tell me all about it! Send a photo and a short statement about why you should be The Gonzo Mama's "Hot Mama of the Month!"


1. You can nominate yourself or your favorite hot mommy.
2. If you are nominating someone else, send me their email address so I can make sure it's okay if we post their picture on
3. No pornographic pics, please. Hot mommies must be wearing at least a bathing suit. No panty pics!
4. Send an email to The Gonzo Mama with the words "HOT MAMA OF THE MONTH NOMINATION" in the subject line. All others will be deleted.
5. Attach a .jpg to your email.
6. Tell me why your nominee should win.

That's all! Questions? Email me!

1 comment:

  1. Well if there is no pornographic pics, how do you expect me to enter? ;)


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