Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fillies ROCK!

The Gonzo Mama is reporting live from the Preakness, where Rachel Alexandra just became the first filly to win since 1924.

I say, "About time!"

I never doubted you for a moment, Rachel. Way to show the boys the way it's done!


  1. What a fabulous race! She ran like a girl and got it done! I was thinking of you in the stands!

    PS, if you get a chance I could use your help over at LD. Kate is having a little trouble bringing herself to delete the 19,000 pics on her Mac. I'm planning a photo detox intervention (mostly because it's preventing her from posting). Stop on by and give her some encouragement!

  2. Neiggghhhhhh! Atta girl, Rachel Alexandra. Maybe she'll inspire this here middle aged filly to run around the neighborhood...


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