Monday, May 11, 2009

Bad Gratitude Monday (Don't Jump!)

Bad Gratitude Monday comes this week from Washington, D.C. during our annual trip for the National Association of REALTORS Mid-Year meeting!

I have a lot to be grateful for today!

1. Our plane landed safely!
2.Our suite is beautiful!
3. I know I've finally arrived as a print columnist, because my editor called today to inform me that I received my first piece of hate mail!

The writer basically said I have no writing skills, I'm not funny, and I should be sterilized! Actually, she said I seemed pretty proud of my ability to procreate, that overpopulation was a problem, and "That’s why God gave us the brains to control ourselves."

Hmmm... does anyone else think that this brainy control fanatic has never read The Gonzo Mama before? I mean, if she had, surely she would know that I gave birth to one child (would she begrudge me that?), am the mother to four stepchildren who have a largely unavailable biological mother, and am the adoptive mom to two babies whose parents cannot take care of them. Right?

Granted, this woman was writing in response to my satirical piece on Gitmo, and I told my editor that I anticipated the hate mail would start flowing in, but this woman REALLY HATES ME!

Why am I excited about this? Everyone claims to hate Perez Hilton, but someone is reading and watching him... otherwise, no one would even know he was around to hate.

Am I right?

Enough about me... what are YOU grateful for?


  1. excellent point-bring on the hate mail. I am grateful for the little baby kicking in my belly.

  2. I think writing-wise, if people are riled enough to hate you then you're doing something right. You're making people think and feel so great job!

    I myself am grateful for all the wonderful, caring family and friends I have.

  3. Danielle... you should be sooooo grateful for your kicking baby... no matter what my critic says about the overpopulation thing. :)

    Happy Monday!

  4. Anonymous (wish I had your name!)... Thanks for the encouragement!

    Friends and family rock! Mine are busy formulating witty retorts that I can print in my next column. Thank God for them. :)

  5. I think you are right, hate mail means people are reading. That should feel good. You've been wondering if just family is reading, now you know :-)
    That's fabulous!! Hope there's a flood of it to follow!

  6. Most haters are just jealous they don't have the same success, or they hate because they don't have the balls to speak their mind in the same manner.

    That's called a Hater's Ball.

  7. Dude there's no such thing as bad publicity! And I LOVED the Gitmo piece! Rock on!

  8. If we want to be happy, a good think to do would be to start being grateful for what we have right now.
    I'm grateful for my smart, beautiful daughters!


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