Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Gonzo Mama Guest-Blogs at Mommy-Muse.com!

My awesomely talented, belly dancing, rockstar mommy friend, Christy Cuellar-Wentz, co-founder of Mommy-Muse.com, has honored me beyond description by including me on her site.

I mean, Christy's amazing... really amazing. She runs a successful e-therapy practice at Mommy-Muse.com, teaches belly dance, hosts a hot radio program, and - oh, by the way - writes books in her spare time.

Consider me humbled.

When Christy mentioned she'd like someone to blog about traveling with children, I said, "Sister, do I have stories for you!" Instead of sharing my most dismal experiences of traveling with seven children, I decided to offer a shred of hope for survival. You'll find my most useful, successful, and desperate tips for traveling with your household shoved into a space the size of your closet.

Don't worry, Gonzo Mama fans... It's not totally didactic, and you'll still get some giggles and chuckles out of it!

Get your bad self over to Mommy-Muse.com and read my post!

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