Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Project 2,996: Remember Deborah Merrick

Image from Project 2,996
Mr. Wright originally wrote this tribute for Deborah on 9/11/09. He posted it on a blog we set up for our business, but never ended up using. Therefore, it gets relatively no traffic. I wanted to move Deborah's tribute here, where thousands can stumble upon it and say a prayer in her memory.

Deborah Merrick
45 years old
Resident of New York
Worked for the Port Authority
Victim of World Trade Center Attack 9/11
Appears to have passed away subsequent to 9/11

I looked and searched for details of your death. I looked and searched for details of your life. Unfortunately, not much was to be found.

Forty-five years old is too young to die, but certainly there was time to live.

There must be a story there. There must be a story to tell.

I wonder: What if...?

What if your story is never told?

Then it occurs to me...

How many other stories never get told?

Deborah, I want to recognize you.

In the end, you are not a story. You are not a statistic. You are not a name. You are a person; you have a soul. You had a life and that life was cut short because of 9/11.

Deborah Merrick, we remember you by name. As we remember your death, we remember to celebrate life.

This tribute is part of Project 2,996, a cooperative online effort to keep alive the memories of the 2,996 victims of the 9/11/01 tragedy. See other participants, and their tributes to those lost, here.


  1. I bet those dear to her called her Deb.

    Well done and thank you for remembering.

  2. A few years ago, I was privileged to be visiting New York on a Cruise ship from Scotland. It coincided with an anniversary of 9/11 and we went along to the site to pay our respects. We spotted the name of Deborah and added a flower to her little pot (there is a small flower pot next to each name on the memorial). We have adopted her ever since and think of her every anniversary, here in Scotland. She was a port worker, single and a New Yorker - she was only visiting the WTC that day to some banking and was engulfed when a fire bell went down the lift shaft and burst into the reception hall. She struggled for life, but passed 50 days later, one of the last to die. We will remember her!


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