Friday, August 5, 2011

Ten Signs Your Real Estate Agent is In the Wrong Business

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In today's tough real estate market, it's important to choose your agent carefully. Below, ten signs that may signal your agent needs a new career:

1. He says, "Are you SURE you want to buy now? I mean, the market keeps getting worse, and prices are just going to keep dropping..."

2. She says, "Are you SURE you want to sell now? The market keeps getting better, and prices are just going to keep going up..."

3. He says, "You know, if you stay in your apartment, all your maintenance is taken care of. If you buy a home, you'll have to mow your own lawn, and fix your own leaky faucets."

4. She says, "I think 'for sale' signs are sort of tacky, don't you? You probably don't want one in your yard, right?"

5. He says, "Why don't you take that earnest money, and hit the racetrack? I'll bet your chances of making a profit will be better."

6. She says, "Well, sure, we COULD do an open house, but... do you really want all those strangers in your home?"

7. He says, "I've found perspective buyers really appreciate it when I follow them around, room to room, breathing down their necks. You know - just in case they have questions."

8. She says, "Sure, you have the cash to buy now, but you'd see a better return on your money if you put it into a standard-interest savings account."

9. He says, "A lot of buyers like that 'lived-in' look, so don't worry too much about cleaning the place up."

10. She says, "You can just leave a blank check with me for the earnest money. I'll take care of it."

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  1. that's funny :) yeah unfortunantly there really are realtors like that!! wish we needed your hubby, i can't wait to move back to the west coast!!


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