Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sexy Vegan Mama Goes Pro and Other Exciting Announcements

Sexy Vegan Mama was getting a bit big for her britches over here - and I don't mean she was packing on pounds from all the desserts over the holidays. Even if she was, it's really not my place to point out her widening rear end.


No... What I mean is she's outgrown her little corner here at, and she's moved into a place of her own.

*sniffle* It's so hard to when they grow up and leave home.

Anyway, she's set up shop over at, where she'll be sharing her best family vegan recipes (like this one), stories about living the vegan life and more.

Oh! And she has big publishing news! Go check it out!

Catch Sexy Vegan Mama on Facebook, too!

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