Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"November" is My Favorite Holiday

How did you celebrate World Vegan Day?

What? You didn’t know November 1st is World Vegan Day? You’re kidding, right? I celebrated the noble event by eating nothing but vegan food all day, with the added bonus of being allowed to act smug because I’m vegan every day of the year.

The first day of November is also National Authors’ Day, which I spent impatiently waiting for gifts and well-wishes to roll in. I must say, I’m rather disappointed with the performance of my friends and family, who obviously failed to mark their calendars.

My authorly disappointment only made my vegan smugness that much more smug, I assure you.

November 4th is both Use Your Common Sense Day and National Chicken Lady Day. Without a special chicken lady in my life to celebrate, I spent the day trying to figure out why, for the love of Foghorn Leghorn, Use Your Common Sense Day took place two days AFTER ballots for the general election were due.

Explains a lot though, doesn’t it? Oh, and speaking of Election Day, is it any coincidence this year it fell on Plan Your Epitaph Day?

Do you, like me, have a loved one who is overly fond of making puns? My love for Mr. Wright is so deep, so true, and so sacrificial I celebrate Abet and Aid Punsters Day with abandon each November 8th. Who doesn’t need a little help with pun-ishment? The eighth of the month is also Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day – or should I say, “Pun-Gent?”

I could write volumes about my feelings for Veteran’s Day, November 11th, and I hope each and every one of you pauses to thank or remember a veteran. To tell the truth, I believe our veterans and active duty servicepersons need our prayers, respect and support each and every day.

November 15th is I Love to Write Day, the day upon which those of us who write for a living try to convince ourselves it’s still true, and those who don’t write pretend they do. Me? I’m skipping it all together and opting to celebrate National Bundt® Pan Day on the 15th. Did you know the aluminum bundt pan is a variation of ceramic cake molds used in Europe and was trademarked by creator H. David Dalquist in 1950?

The 17th is Homemade Bread Day, though I might argue the holiday seems to be celebrated roughly three days per week, year-round, in my house. The 18th is Married to a Scorpio Support Day. I dated a Scorpio once. Anyone bold enough to actually marry one deserves their own holiday.

I’m planning to have a bad day on the 19th (Have a Bad Day Day). You’ve been warned.

I’ll be giving my friend, CherylAnn, a call on November 23rd, Doctor Who Day. Such a fan is CherylAnn that she once used the name of a Doctor Who character as her pseudonym in the cast list of a play we both appeared in. I don’t know about CherylAnn, but if I’m doing the work onstage, I certainly want credit in the program.

I’ll never understand humble people.

For those who possess a little less humility, plan to take advantage of Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day on the 24th. That’s right! Celebrate that crazy thing you do that you think is awesome but humiliates your kids – or your parents. It’s your talent… use it!

Thanksgiving is surely on your calendar, but did you know the day after Thanksgiving is designated as Sinkie Day? You know, the day you eat the Thanksgiving leftovers, bending over the sink? Don’t get too carried away, though, because you’ll need ample time to celebrate National Native American Heritage Day, which also falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

As the adoptive mama of two tribal-enrolled Native American daughters, I intend to celebrate with gusto. Join me, won’t you?

Speaking of adoption, Mr. Wright caught me “celebrating” National Adoption Month (I get to celebrate all month long!) by reviewing profiles of waiting children on the state adoption website. To be honest, it’s a bit creepy, seeing children’s photos and profiles posted online for adoption in the same manner as pets at the local shelter, but it doesn’t stop me from looking and wondering “what if…?” from time to time. If I found myself blessed with unlimited resources, I’d love nothing more than to adopt twenty-seven more children. Or fifty.

Until that blessing of obscene amounts of money, an entire staff of household helpers, and a home the size of Denver materializes, I’ll be grateful for the amazing children the Lord has blessed me with, and try to inspire others to consider receiving the gift of adoption.

That’s right – I said “receiving” the gift of adoption, not “giving.”

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