Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Bookies Lost Their Shirts AGAIN. We Made it Another Year, Mr. Wright!

I'm reviving this post from last year, because nothing's really changed, except that we are older now. Not a lot older, but older, nonetheless. Well, and mayyyybe we've put on a little weight. And maybe we've gained a bit of gray hair. Well, he has. Me? NEVER. At least, I'll never admit to it.

Enjoy the flashback!

Look... I had long hair once. That's me, June 30, 2004. Any guess what I was doing that day?

Let me tell you, readers: Mr. Wright's list of talents is extensive, and I am grateful for each one of those talents. He is, in no particular order:

  • gorgeous
  • a wonderful cook (he even caters to my vegan diet!)
  • a rock-solid political strategist
  • my Sanity Management Director
  • a rockin' drummer
  • a top-notch snuggler
  • the only person on the face of the planet who FULLY "gets" my sense of humor
  • a compassionate sounding board
  • my equal when it comes to useless trivia (a huge feat, folks)
  • the guy who tirelessly plays the "random lines from Eighties movies" game with me
  • the sweetheart who picks the non-vegan Jelly Belly jelly beans out before giving me a handful
  • a bigger deal than Bob on the Enzyte commercials, if you know what I'm saying...
  • the only guy who beats me at Scrabble
  • the dorkishly sweet man who carries pictures of my boobs around on his computer when he's away on business
  • my favorite travel companion
  • a phenom on the dance floor
  • the sacrificial prince who makes coffee before waking me up and drives 30 miles in the middle of the night to buy me an emergency Diet Coke
  • the attentive companion who makes sure I eat when I'm manically working on a project
  • a guy that even my girlfriends like to have around on Girls' Night because he's so darned cool
  • the wonderful father of our seven children
  • my biggest fan and cheerleader (or is that "cheer king?")
  • a saint for putting up with me
His favorite of our wedding photos:

My favorite:

That was back when we only had five kids, after all...

A friend recently asked me if I was a "trophy wife" when we wed, since I'm a newer, sleeker version than the original. "Maybe," I answered. "And I'm totally okay with that!"

What are YOU grateful for?

Wedding photos by Dean's Photography

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