Tuesday, February 16, 2010

4AM in Tokyo

Our sleep routine is all fouled up. We arrived at our Tokyo hotel early in the evening, took showers, made some "instant" peanut sesame noodles in the teapot and planned to find a place to have a drink. Instead, we fell dead asleep, wet hair and all.

We both woke up at 4am, thirsty. I remembered a 7Eleven downstairs, so we tossed on some clothes and headed for the elevator.

As we rounded the corner, I heard a low, rumbling noise, and when we turned, we saw a large man sprawled on his back, open wallet in his hand and cell phone next to his body. He was snoring loudly.

Mr. Wright shifted into EMT mode, checking the man's vitals and attempting to get a response from him while I picked up the courtesy phone, hoping the front desk attendant would understand me. I reported there was a man, unresponsive and unconscious, on the floor in front of the elevator.

Mr. Wright and I stayed with the man while we waited for the hotel staff to arrive. I picked up his hand and held it. It was warm... a good sign. Still, we didn't know if the man had fallen and hit his head, had a seizure, or what.

I patted his hand firmly. "Sir? Sir? Are you okay? Can you hear me?"

By the time the hotel worker arrived, the man was beginning to murmur some responses. The worker called for backup and sent us on our way.

Turns out it was a case of too much sake. Still, we felt like heroes.

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