Monday, August 17, 2009

California Readers: Help a Mother Out and "Give Cheeks a Chance!"

I'm so honored to have been asked by my dear Twitter friend, @whimsicalwalney, to help out with publicizing this awesome project! If you are in California, and there is a project in your area, please do what you can to help out. Outside the project areas? Not in California? Why not start a campaign in your hometown? The organizers of Help a Mother Out would be delighted to give you recommendations on how to get started!

So many families have to choose between food, rent, or diapers... We all know which will win. I cringe at the thought of a baby or child in a single diaper all day in the summer heat - or any time, for that matter. It certainly doesn’t contribute to healthy children or healthy families so that’s why I'm joining in asking people to “give cheeks a chance” and donate whatever they are able to this campaign. Even one small pack of diapers makes a difference!

The basics

Here is the background information on the Help a Mother Out (HAMO) volunteer campaign:

More about the diaper drive on September 9, 2009

In order to have the big push of a month-long diaper drive in September, an event with the tagline of “Give Cheeks a Chance” was organized to be held on the same day (9/09/09) in several cities throughout California which are: San Jose (@sarahntastic), Oakland (@helpamotherout), and Los Angeles (@houseofprince). Each event is catering to the local audience therefore they all have a different flare to them.

Here is the HAMO press release:

@whimsicalwalney helped with the initial organization of the overall drive and then went to work doing what she can to support @sarahntastic in San Jose to make it a bang-up event with great swag bags and two grand prize gift baskets (local to San Jose)! They will also be asking the online community to participate by donating online via Amazon wishlists. When participants donate online, they will be entered for the virtual participants’ raffle being held for (at least) two of the gift bags. They are still collecting items for the bags are focused on fun products and coupons that everyone in the family can enjoy. Once they are finalized, they’ll be able to publish the contents of the bags.

Won't you help a mother out and "Give Cheeks a Chance?"


  1. Thank you so much for your support! I can't wait to meet everyone at Baby Buzz for fun and diapers on 09.09.09 ----@sarahntastic on twitter

  2. Happy to do what I can to help! I only wish I could be there for your fab event!

  3. We so appreciate you letting your readers know about our diaper drives. Hopefully this will give homeless and low-income families some breathing room as their find their way in this tough economy.

  4. It's the perfect time of year for it, too... Especially when older kids need school clothes and school supplies.

  5. Couldn't stop reading your blog...Brilliant indeed.


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