Wednesday, May 20, 2009

No Jury in the World Would Convict Me

Well, no jury of my peers, anyway...
My "peers," of course, being thirty-something, overworked mothers with seven kids' schedules to juggle, a Friday noon deadline for her column, an "Amend the CPSIA" citizen activism campaign to launch, five articles to prepare for various websites and newspapers, and...
Let's just say I was already on edge when Mr. Wright and I walked past the bathing suit display at our local Cheap-ola Multi-Mart.
"What do think of that style? That would look good on you," he opined.
"Ugh... I'm too fat. I'm not wearing any bathing suits this year," I returned. Then, to prove my point, I added, "I'm fatter now than when we went to the Bahamas! Those photos are horrifying!"
Mr. Wright considered my words, spun me around to check my posterior, then confidently reported, "Yeah... But you've never been this old before!"
I'm going with the Twinkie defense.


  1. Yowza, was your husband delirious when he made that comment? I hope so, 'cause if he didn't have a fever of 105 degrees, then he has no other excuse. Book him, Danno.


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