Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Earth Hour Superheros! (Our Story Contest Winners)

Peter Troast, blogger at, participated in Earth Hour by seeking out and killing "energy vampires" in his home. The family got their household power usage down to 0.2 KW during the event! His kids joined in the cause by sacrificing recording of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. (BOO, Nickelodeon, for airing during Earth Hour!) Read his Earth Hour story here. Follow him on Twitter! He's @EnergyCircle.

Michele Horne and her family also participated, and Michele is keeping the energy going by participating in the Earth Hour to Earth Day Challenge and posting green tips on her blog at Follow Michele on Twitter... She's @YummyMommysEyes.

Mad props and a year-long subscription to Gonzo Parenting go to both of these super winners!

Thanks for sharing your stories, and for helping to make the world a greener place!


  1. Great stories . . . I'm feeling a little guilty about being at a jazz club. Of course, I had zinfandel instead of chardonnay . . . I mean, it didn't have to be chilled or anything . . . That helps, right?

  2. So what is the benfit of reducing power consumption if you are using renewable green power???


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