Saturday, April 25, 2009

Confidential to Crimes of the Heart Attendees

Should you find yourself in Chelan's Performing Arts Center, and should you find yourself taking in a performance of Crimes of the Heart, and should you find yourself witnessing a scene in which Lenny and Babe are laughing maniacally in a sleep-deprived hysteria...

...just know that laughing like that, night after night, is tough. Really tough.

We employ some extraordinary visual images to inspire such fits of outrageous laughter.

Buy me a few drinks after the show tonight, and I'll spill the beans... It's bad. Very bad...


  1. Oooo, I would love to know.
    Awww, come on, give us a little hint.

  2. O...kay...

    Imagine the cast of Somewhere Under the Rainbow. Now imagine they are all mimes.

    Now, imagine they are making an entirely different, um, "adult" movie...

    You're starting to get there...

    You owe me a drink!

  3. Aw come on . . . when will the youtube version be available for us easterners?

  4. Why, Elaine... I'm shocked. Completely shocked! *giggle*


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