Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 2009 Hot Mama: Corbin Lewars!

Seriously, Corbin is the hottest mom I know. Not only does she tell it like it is in her zine, Reality Mom (you KNOW honesty is hot!), but she's a former nudist (I'm not sure I've heard the entire story yet) and an author (writer chicks are HAWT!). In fact, Corbin's book, Creating a Life, is going to be released very, very soon... maybe she'll give us a few copies for a giveaway, eh? *nudge*

This amazing Hot Mama makes my life better by letting me whine for hours about parenting teens and dealing with step-wives, and she's brilliant, to boot. If you need a mentor or editor, Corbin's your gal. Check her out on

Corbin has won a gift that will, I am sure, only add to her hotness... A super-cute clutch from Zella's Boutique in Chelan! I just had to buy one for myself in brown:
And, ooooooh, look! Corbin is getting one in pink! (Overlook my lame photography skills and just oooo and aaaah over it, okay? It's really cute!)
A huge thank you to Nanette at Zella's for providing the gift for this month's Hot Mama!

Are you a hot mama? Do you know a hot mama? Tell me all about it!

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